I have been taking art classes and drawing & painting since I was a child. I always knew I would be an artist. So, I got a degree in art. As an adult I have worked as a graphic artist and a scenic artist, but my favorite is painting murals, which I have been doing for the last 20 years.

I started painting animals when I got my first book on horses, around the age of 8 or 9. I painted horses and mostly wild animals. I started painting dogs when I got my current dog, Bronzi. He likes to sit and stare at me for long periods. He also loves the camera, so I started sketching and photographing him. I dog-sat my brother’s dog, who also likes to sit and stare, and I sketched her. My brother posted the picture I created, and friends started asking if I could do their pets.

“Doodledog” came from two things. First, Bronzi is a brindle and looks like God took black and copper markers and doodled all over him. Second, I had a line drawing of his face and just started doodling on it with colored pencils. It looked so interesting that I decided to try it bigger, and the first Doodledog was created, and my logo was born, too.

I have also painted humans. I learned to do human portraits one summer while in college. I got a job doing quick pastel portraits at local amusement parks. Later while working as a muralist a client wanted me to do a whole wall with all of her friends and family. That led to several other murals primarily of children who wanted paintings of themselves doing their favorite things.

I have always had dogs. Through the years I’ve also ended up with cats who have adopted me. Currently, I have a dog, Bronzi, he was a shelter dog who had been at the local county shelter too long and was going to be euthanized to make room for others. He’s a big boxer/pit/hound mix who scares people until they get to know him. I have a “yard” cat that just showed up one day and stayed. Bronzi is scared to death of him!

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